Our Packages


Our WordPress hosting packages are genuinely managed hosting as the Complex Creative team are always on hand to help you solve any WordPress hosting issue you may have.

We offer fast & secure WordPress hosting services

You won’t need to worry about your WordPress website running slowly with our fast WordPress hosting with a built-in caching system. Plus, with the additional WordPress security we add to the site, your WordPress site will be protected from hackers.

Our Packages


Even our standard package comes with unlimited bandwidth, unlimited emails, backups and a free SSL certificate.


  • Daily Backups
  • 24/7 Support
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Email Accounts
  • Website Builder
  • Extra Security


All your website updates, additional security and proactive management is included in addition to standard package features.


Standard features, plus..

  • Maintenance & Management
  • Repairs
  • Free Consultations

This price does not include updating content on the website, as that will be priced separately.

Standard Package

This WordPress hosting package is for anyone who just wants to get their WordPress website online and obtain custom business emails for their domain. For less than £7 per month, you will have unlimited space to host your website and you can have unlimited emails too.

This is ideal for those who are on a budget and just want the essentials for their WordPress website. Don’t worry, the Complex Creative team will still be available for technical support.

All of our hosting comes with
the following as standard:

24/7 UK Support

email us with any questions, and we will reply by email or even give you a call and ensure your problem is resolved ASAP.

Daily Backups

your full site is backed up every single day, so that you can ensure your data is safe

One-click installs

install software such as WordPress and Moodle in one click of a button!

Email Accounts

Set up company email address @your- domainname.com with unlimited space.


Don’t worry about taking up too much space on our server – we encourage bid sites!


If you wish to build your website yourself, this builder will be the key to your success.

LiteSpeed caching for
optimised speed

install software such as WordPress and Moodle in one click of a button!

99.9% uptime

We can’t promise the server will never have glitches, but we do have a 99.9% uptime guarantee, which is pretty darn good, we think!

100% enterprise-grade
SSD disks

Our solid state drives are enterprise-grade, meaning we have quality hardware to handle the load.

100% renewable
energy datacentre

We also think about our environment and ensure our datacentre uses renewable energy.

Our extra security

If you are ever blocked out for forgetting a password and our secure firewall thinks you’re attacking the site, we will ensure that your access is cleared and the site is unlocked to yourselves.

SpamExperts Protection

Spam Experts prides itself on providing 99.98% filtering accuracy helping you keep the spammy emails away from your inbox.

SSL Certificate

Added security for your website and an essential component for any e-commerce website.

Strong Firewall

any activity which looks suspicious will be blocked by the firewall and that IP address will be banned from accessing the site again, unless unblocked by us.

DDoS Protection

We have advanced protection helping protect against any unwanted spikes in traffic.

CloudLinux + cPanel

This software improves several factors such as server stability, density and the security of the server.

Maintenance Package

If your website is hosted on our server, we also offer a management and maintenance package for WordPress websites. WordPress requires regular updates of the software, as well as the themes and plugins. Failing to update the software will mean your website is more vulnerable to hacking and malware injections.

Our maintenance package includes full maintenance of your WordPress site, always ensuring that the website is up to date. It also includes any repairs if anything goes wrong and will include a proactive approach to keeping the site protected.

Transferring From
Another Hosting Company?

No problem! We can even help you migrate your site over! If you’re already using cPanel, it’s super easy. Even if you’re not, just get in touch and we will be sure to help you set up your new website hosting.

Have you got emails that you don’t want to lose? We understand that your emails are super important, so we can help you migrate your emails over without losing any data.